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Paul Elliott, Melbourne based Wedding Photographer

Hi there! My name's Paul! Thanks for stopping by and considering me to be the photographer to capture your magical day!


I understand how important your wedding day and photographs are to you and that it’s hard to choose the right photographer.

I've been shooting weddings for around seven years now and have had the joy of meeting some absolutely amazing families, some of which I'm proud to say I'm still in contact with to this day!

I'm an easy going Melbourne based wedding photographer. I love to focus on capturing the genuine love and affection of your wedding day. My photography style leans towards candid and informal - capturing memorable, authentic moments between the wedding couple, interactions with guests, and generally crafting a beautiful story of the day.

I believe in making your day about who you are, rather than spending hours upon hours of posing for portraits and running between 5 different locations, so to speak. I will take as many (or as little) posed photos as you would like, ensuring you have photographs you will cherish and be proud to hang on your wall for years to come.

A point of difference with choosing me as your photographer is that I also capture your day with another professional photographer. I work with a team of great, easy going photographers which helps ensure not a single moment will be missed and as you’ll see below, you'll realise the benefits of having 2 professional photographers on the day. 

So if you love my wedding photography style and think I'll be a good fit to tell your personal story, or if you have any follow up questions, then please drop me a line anytime. I'm more than happy to have a casual coffee and a chat to discuss the vision of your wedding day further!




Why should you have two professional photographers shooting your special day?

I often get asked, why is it better to have two photographers at a wedding?


So to answer this question, please find below 4 reasons why 2’s better than 1!

Having two photographers allows us to be in more than one place at the same time

On a wedding day, as photographers we get pulled in many different directions. The bride might be getting ready at home whilst the groom gets ready in another location..possibly on the other side of town! So first off it means we can both spend the time leading up to the ceremony with just half of the bridal party instead of running between the 2. While say Jim’s taking family photos, Paul can go photograph all of those details you spent so much time choosing while your guests are still at cocktail hour. While Jim’s photographing the bride throwing her bouquet, Paul can focus on all the ladies diving for it. Who wouldn’t want both of those photos.

Two photographers provides a different style, new interpretations and a fresh set of eyes throughout the day.

No two photographers are created equally. With JP Photography at your wedding, you really are getting the benefit of two different photographers. Twice the experience, twice the creativity, twice the number of photos… We use different lenses, or stand in different places or maybe just be able to get a real smile from that one nephew who’s just too cool to smile for one of us. It’s a huge benefit.

Two photographers provides backup in case something gets missed.

We’re not just talking about the kiss (although that’s a pretty big moment to have a little backup for). We’re talking about all of the moments that are constantly happening at weddings. Family members who haven’t seen each other in years sharing a laugh. Little kids being little kids. Ridiculous friends doing ridiculous things. Hugs. Smiles. Tears. They happen all night long. They can’t all be photographed, but with two photographers around, the odds are pretty good that the big ones won’t be missed.

Two photographers are like an insurance policy

Unfortunately, no matter how much we plan and how careful we are, sometimes bad things happen. A camera fail, corrupt memory card  or another broken piece of gear at just the wrong moment are the stuff of nightmares for wedding photographers. With a second shooter, the risk is greatly minimized. We use 4 cameras between us, with plenty of lenses and memory cards etc, so if something bad happens, you’ve still plenty of coverage of your special day.


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