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Rachel & Jarryd's wedding at Peacock Estate

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

The day started early for both Rachel and Jarryd as they prepared for their big day. The excitement was palpable as the couple got dressed at their respective homes and prepared for their upcoming nuptials.

Finally, the time came for them to meet at the beautiful Karrawingi Park gardens for their ceremony. The ceremony was nothing short of magical, with nature providing the perfect backdrop for the happy couple. From the flowers to the music, Rachel and Jarryd thought of every detail to make their ceremony memorable.

Rachel and Jarryd's wedding ceremony was filled with love, laughter, and a bit of friendly competition. During their vows, the couple surprised each other by making a pledge that their first-born child would barrack for opposing AFL teams.

It was a moment that captured the fun-loving spirit of the couple and their relationship. Despite their competing allegiances, Rachel and Jarryd's love for each other shone through.

It was a light-hearted yet meaningful moment that spoke to the couple's shared sense of humour and their willingness to embrace each other's differences. It was a beautiful reminder that even in marriage, individuality and uniqueness should still be celebrated.

Following the ceremony, Rachel and Jarryd took advantage of the stunning Karrawingi Park gardens for their formal photographs. The gardens provided the perfect backdrop for the couple's special day, with lush greenery and beautiful blooms setting the scene.

The bridal party looked stunning in their wedding attire, with the natural scenery adding an extra layer of beauty to the photographs. We were able to capture the joy and love shared between Rachel and Jarryd, as well as their closest friends and family.

It was a special moment for the couple as they took their first photos together as husband and wife, surrounded by the beauty of nature. It was a perfect way to commemorate their special day, and the photos will be cherished for years to come.

Upon arrival at The Peacock Estate, the bridal party was warmly welcomed with refreshing drinks and sumptuous canapés. The newlyweds and their bridal party had the opportunity to relax and unwind in the new bridal suite, taking in the beautiful views and enjoying each other's company before the start of the reception.

The bridal suite was a luxurious and comfortable space where the newlyweds and their closest friends and family could catch their breath before the big celebration.

After spending some quality time in the bridal suite, the bridal party was ready to kick off the reception and celebrate the newlyweds' union.

The reception was filled with plenty of fun activities, including a photobooth with funny props that provided guests with a chance to create lasting memories. The food stations were a hit, with a pizza food truck and kebab food truck providing delicious food options. Not to mention the outdoor games that kept guests entertained throughout the night.

Rachel and Jarryd's wedding day was one for the books


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