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Meaghan & Will's wedding at Nathania Springs

After over 2 years of planning the big day finally arrived for Meaghan & Will!

I started off with the bride, her bridesmaids and her parents all getting ready at Friars Lodge which is actually a part of the Marybrooke Manor estate. A strange start to the day with the maid of honour having to meet me at the top of the driveway as its sooooo steep and slippery that they'd already had to get one car towed out prior to my arrival!

So after all the pleasentries it was time to get into it! Whilst the girls were getting made up and hair done, I got down to shooting all the small details. You could tell Meaghan had gone to a ton of effort with all the fine details like personalised coat hangers and socks for the boys. Then it was a quiet time for Meaghan to read the touching letter Will had written specially for her. Followed by some fun times and champagne in the bedroom before getting all the dresses on and some pics all together.

Whilst I was busy photographing Meaghan, Stuart was over an hour away at Will's house getting the boys all ready. After they all got dressed and had a little dutch courage, it was time for some fun pics! Around 5 years ago when they moved into their new house, they hit it off with their next door neighbours, so much so that they ended up being their maid of honour/best man!! So of course a few shots around the ol letterbox ensued, amongst some other top pics before jumping in the car for a bit of a road trip to the venue, Nathania Springs in the Dandenongs.

At 3pm the time had come, everyone was nervous with excitement, Meaghan's dad was very emotional walking his girl down the aisle! After a short ceremony followed by the congratulation shots and a big group photo in front of the Nathania Springs reception area, it was back in the beautiful Ford GTO's to get some pics down at Alfred Nichols gardens and a few other random spots along the way.

Once back at the venue and refreshments it was time to introduce the bridal party, cut the cake and run a few speeches. One idea which was cute that one of the guests did was pass a calendar around the room for everyone to write their birthday's in (a good idea apparently because Will is terrible with dates apparently!) After the formalitites it was then time to let everyone's hair down with a great little 3 piece band! Finishing up with some night time shots at the venue, topped off a great fun filled day with Meaghan & Will.


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