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Michelle & Dean's surprise wedding at Anglers Tavern

Couple at Anglers Tavern

I first spoke to Michelle about 6 months prior to the big event when she hired us just for a photobooth at her engagement party at the Anglers Tavern.

Fast forward about to the 23rd November and the engagement has now become a surprise wedding for the guests! The only person in on it other than myself and videographer, was her mum!

The evening started off like a normal engagement party. Light finger food, guests milling around, jumping in the photobooth using all the silly costumes! Ater a while, Michelle snuck out the back with her mum and got prepared. After a few quick shots, Michelle handed over a beautiful card to her father asking if he'd do her the honour of walking her down the aisle? He was overcome withe emotion!!

It was then announced to all the guests what they were all really there for! The look of surprise on their faces was unbelieveable! Later Zed, the videographer and I were talkinga bout how this is the first surprise wedding we've been involved in, that it truly was a surprise to all the guests (normally they get the vibe that something else is really going on!)

So after the shock of it all, the ceremony proceeded like normal before plenty of partying! In between the first dance, cake cutting and father/daughter dance we were able to sneak out and get some outdoor night shots before finishing the evening.


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